New Build Problems Compensation


New Build Problems Compensation

Buying a new build house is a chance to get your ideal home, just the way you like it. Thankfully, the vast majority of buyers of new build properties are very satisfied with their purchase, and their ‘snagging list’ of minor defects is usually quick and easy for the builders to put right before they move in.

If however, you have unresolved issues with your new build and have failed to reach a satisfactory outcome with the builder, we can provide the legal advice you need. We aim to make the process as clear and simple as possible for you.

Our specialist team provides expert legal advice in different languages to clients who have been involved in a wide range of different legal matters.


What sort of problems and defects can affect a new build property?

Just about any issue with a new build property – even something as minor as some incomplete plastering or a chipped tile – is a breach of contract, strictly speaking. Realistically though, many minor defects like these will usually be dealt with by the builders without resorting to legal action. This helps them keep customers happy and is good for their reputation.

Other, more significant defects can include:

  • Problems with the foundations, possibly putting the property at risk of subsidence
  • Structural problems with the walls, floors and ceilings
  • Poor finishing throughout the house, such as plastering or bathroom fittings

It’s important to point out that most new homes are covered by a 10-year warranty under the NHBC (National House Building Council) scheme. Depending on the nature of the defect and how soon you discover it, you may be entitled to claim under this scheme.

However, the builder could still deny responsibility for the defect, or their properties may not be covered by the scheme. If this should happen, you may need some legal advice and your case may need to go to court.


How do I get advice for a new build house defect?

Call us on 0208 1111 911 or contact us through the website and we’ll discuss your circumstances with you. We’ll discuss your home’s defects with you and can advise the best course of action. There’s nothing to pay upfront and we’ll notify you of any fees, before you need to make a decision to instruct us.

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